There can only be one me.

This website is for my new blog! On October 25th, 2022, I started a blog, mostly for personal memos and stuff, but I wouldn't mind if you subscribed! (You'll get very VERY nice emails :D.) But, enough about *coughs* promotion, I'm currently in high school, I go by she/her pronouns, but I don't mind whatever pronouns to be honest. Here, I offer you quote on quote "fun", and just random things, fashion too, if I can. No pedos, thank you! Since I'm in high school, I'm busy during the day, which means... *GASPS* OH MY GOSH! NIGHT WRITER?! ME?! Hm.. yeah. The infamous blog! Okay, see you! (P.S. Never say "goodbye" unless you know you're not seeing them again. Forever)